Updates to my nur repo

This weekend I learned a lot and wanted to share.

I spend some time working on my nur repo. NUR is a really good idea and I’m glad I can add packages without worrying about breaking the world. I set this up a while ago but never really used it. I recently added newer versions of micronaut, adoptopenjdk-bin, and gradle.

For adoptopenjdk I learned some python and changed generate-sources.py. It is possible to add all of the releases but jdk9, jdk10, and jdk12 are not really supported anymore. I figured out how to install the latest jdk14 nightly build. When jdk14 is release I could add the jdk15 nightly build. I did run into an error

searching for dependencies of /nix/store/cbjn1abg2zdbxfll3fycdr5888nnq8rj-adoptopenjdk-hotspot-bin-jdk14-2020-03-14-05-11/lib/libsaproc.so
  libstdc++.so.6 -> not found!
builder for '/nix/store/3qyvjp42kwqw3bfw1m2i6lxv3j7qgkwj-adoptopenjdk-hotspot-bin-jdk14-2020-03-14-05-11.drv' failed with exit code 1

I found this issue which suggested adding the library path.


I’m not sure if this is a best practice but it worked.

I also came up with a convention. All attributes will have the version. This is at least setup for the other builds but for AdoptOpenJDK there are multiple packages for each version.

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In most cases, it should be enough to add stdenv.cc.cc to buildInputs.


Thanks for the info I will try this.