Updating Browser

How do we update applications on Nixos?

I deleted my browser from my config, did a rebuild, then restored it & rebuilt again, but it is still stuck in an old version.

(I have read the documentation … )

How did you install these applications?

through your configuration.nix ? the nix add on home-manager?

or by nix-env ?

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If the packages are installed through your configuration.nix, then they update when you update your channels with sudo nix-channel --update and then run a sudo nixos-rebuild switch afterward.


Thank you Tejing. thank you Nixinator. I somehow missed this very elementary step when reading the documentation. Anyhow, I am now up-to-date, so thank you for this. I just hope a month un-updated has not overly exposed me.

I wouldn’t worry about it, your not running windows, that things got so many holes in it, its like swiss cheese.

Lucky they don’t use for mission critical services …oh hang on a sec :scream:

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Lol. I would rather be a laggard in the world of Nixos than an Emperor in Windows.

It’s a steep learning curve, but I am strangely addicted to Nixos