Upgrade 19.09 to 20.03 : synergyc issue

Hi all,

with the 19.09 i use synergy software to Share one mouse and keyboard between multiple computers

after the 20.03 upgrade , synergy no longer works.

I have a idea about change with ssh X11 forwarding but how verify ?


Hi, I had the same problem after upgrading.

  1. Make sure the synergy port is not firewalled on the server (networking.firewall.allowedTCPPorts = [ 24800 ];).
  2. The synergy server will only listen on an IPv4 address. However if your hostname can resolve to an IPv6 address, the synergy client may use the IPv6 address instead of IPv4, preventing it from connecting. My workaround was to use an IP address instead of hostname for the server address.



Hi Rodney,

i use Ip adress :slight_smile:

My Nixos installation is client.

so , i use synergyc …


I try to have log on client side … not found … :frowning:

I verified the server configuration and i found in the log , the solution
during the upgrade , I changed my hostname on client desktop.

2020-04-27T11:12:29] NOTE: accepted client connection
[2020-04-27T11:12:29] NOTE: disconnecting client “nixos-2003”
[2020-04-27T11:12:29] WARNING: unrecognised client name “nixos-2003”, check server config
[2020-04-27T11:12:29] NOTE: client “nixos-2003” has disconnected


I changed my hostname on client desktop.

OK good that would do it.

I try to have log on client side … not found …

If you are using the services.synergy.client NixOS module, you can see the logs with

systemctl --user status synergy-client.service


journalctl --user -u synergy-client.service -e
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Thanks for your idea.