Upgrading RaspberryPi to stable channel

I followed these instructions to install NixOS on my RaspberryPI. This worked just fine, and I’m really impressed with Nix.

As soon as 23.11 is released, I’d like to move to the stable channel, so I can safely enable automatic upgrades.

Is it as simple as switching to the 23.11 channel? I only seem to find topics questioning about the opposite (moving from stable to unstable). I also see system.stateVersion = "23.11"; in the configuration, but I’m unsure as to what that does.

Welcome to NixOS I’d say first!

the system.stateVersion is meant to stay constant. If you look it up on the search.nixos.org page under the options heading, you get the following explanation: “It’s perfectly fine and recommended to leave this value at the release version of the first install of this system. Changing this option will not upgrade your system. In fact it is meant to stay constant exactly when you upgrade your system.”

But seeing this in your config can be a bit confusing at first.

Generally switching back to the stable channel should not present any more problems than switching to unstable. And if it did, you should be able to revert your system and switch to unstable again. One of the really nice things which kept me on NixOS is the relative painlessness of working around problems related to updates. Is just takes away a lot of the stress.

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Seems to have worked just fine! Thanks!

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