Uptime-Kuma: How to run its command line tool (npm run)?

I installed Uptime-Kuma.
Now I want to reset Uptime-Kuma’s password using via run Uptime-Kuma’s “reset password” CLI which, from their documentation involves $ npm run reset-password"
I should I call this command from NixOS / what is the translation in nixOS?

Just guessing (back up your data) but for now probably something like this:

nix-shell \
  --packages 'writeShellScriptBin "reset-password"
    "${nodejs}/bin/node ${uptime-kuma}/lib/node_modules/uptime-kuma/extra/reset-password.js"' \
  --run 'sudo systemd-run \
    --pty \
    --property DynamicUser=yes \
    --property StateDirectory=uptime-kuma \
    --setenv DATA_DIR=/var/lib/uptime-kuma/ \

Ideally the package could expose the script similarly to uptime-kuma-server and the module could provide a configured wrapper like gotosocial-admin.

Interesting, thank you very much for these pointers, will do my homework and figure things out further :slight_smile: