Use a nix-shell as user login shell

Hi, is it possible to use a nix-shell as user login shell?

Cheers Robert

I don’t know how to do that, but if the problem you are trying to fix can be formulated as “I want to automatically be in a nix-shell when I cd into the folder of my software projects” then have a look at direnv (and possibly nix-direnv and/or lorri)

That could be a workaround for my problem.

What I need to do, is the supply of a development environment for students powered by vscode-server or openvscode-server.

But if I add the needed packages (in special cmake, gcc, gdb and criterion for testing) the needed CMAKE environment variables are not set and builds using criterion are failing. They indeed are set, if provided a nix-shell environment.

If these packages and variables are set all the time, the student would not need to work in special directories.