User-specific shell startupt scripts

Is there a way to add user-level environment info to configuration.nix? Sorry if I missed it in the appendix - didn’t see anything likely under users.users.<name?> - end goal is to have something like environment.loginShellInit at user-level granularity, I think. The real end goal in this particular and immediate case is to have ssh-agent started when the user logs in.

This can now be done with rycee’s home-manager from within configuration.nix by importing the home-manager module. You can read more about this in the news.nix below:


Just realised that there is also the programs.ssh.startAgent option for configuration.nix that will start the ssh-agent when the user logs in if that’s all you wanted to do.

Sweet, that’s great, though I’m certainly interested in more general options as well.