Using an external SSD for my nix store

Hi there,

I am using nix to develop Holochain applications following this guide

Developing with Holochain uses a lot of space so I want to point my nix environment from my computer to an external SSD. When trying to do so I got quite tangled.

IF someone could assist me with the process broadly, I can return with any error results.

Thanks in advance

how is your ssd set up and how are you want to use it for /nix directory
like is ssd only for nix or do you want to use directory inside ssd for nix
or is nix going to be in separate partition ?

Thanks @Alper-Celik , your questions are assistive.

What I really need is a nix store on an external drive. It is only superficially important (to me) as to whether the external ssd is fully dedicated to running as a nix store or if it is just a directory within it. Currently, I have other uses for my SSD but if it is easier I can get another dedicated to nix.

I was trying to follow this thread. Am I correct in thinking it pertains to having a dedicated extenral SSD for the nix store ?

Yes (though you should be able to just use a second volume on said device if you just want to use part of it).

To clarify, though: are you using macOS? Everything in that thread is very macOS-specific, so it wouldn’t be of much help achieving this on another OS.

Thanks @abathur, I am using macOS. Also, nix is installing via this guide which handles the nix installation. As a result, I am working with the nix setup from the file and then pointing that to my external ssd

You can probably follow my notes in the other thread using the special for a volume you pre-create on said device.

That said, I have no knowledge of holochain’s script; I can’t say for sure whether it’ll interfere or not.

Thanks for your help @abathur - I ended up dedicating an ssd to as my nix store. The steps in the other thread work well

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