Using Firenvim (Neovim embedded in Firefox) in NixOS

I’m pretty new to NixOS (actively using it since October 2020) and loving it. It makes so many sysadmin tasks easier!
I’m want to use the Firenvim Firefox/Neovim plugin, which permits using Neovim inside HTML <textarea>.
However, the Firefox plugin says “Neovim is not responding”.
I think it’s related to the PATH of Firefox, making it not being aware of the location of the nvim binary.
I’d like to workaround this issue with an overlay.
Anyone can confirm that the issue must be Firefox not knowing where Neovim is ?
Plus, if you could explain to me how to fix this with an overlay…

I had it working manually. Neovim not responding may also be due to errors in the vimrc.
In case anyone comes up with a package, please post it here firenvim: use neovim within your browser · Issue #77633 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

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Hi, I wrote a guide to troubleshoot common issues with Firenvim: firenvim/ at 5fbe50b4a824ef536a1588b571ef23ca3d26277d · glacambre/firenvim · GitHub

Feel free to open an issue if you can’t figure out what’s going on :slight_smile:


Hi, thanks for the quick answer.
It appears my environment doesn’t have a $XDG_DATA_HOME variable set.

If $XDG_DATA_HOME isn’t set Firenvim should default to ~/.local/share/, please open an issue if you discover that somehow files are missing when $XDG_DATA_HOME isn’t set.

If someone runs into the same issue, the corresponding GitHub issue is here.