Using `flake-parts` to quickly render a Markdown / org-mode site

Some of you are probably already aware of flake-parts which helps “modularize” flake.nix. This is especially useful on monorepos where the top-level flake.nix tends to get complicated and huge over time.

flake-parts can also be used to provide a nixos-module like feel.

For example, if you have a directory of Markdown or org-mode files, you can drop the following flake.nix to it, and run nix build to get a statically build website, or nix run to run a live updating view of those plain-text files.

  nixConfig.extra-substituters = "";
  nixConfig.extra-trusted-public-keys = "";

  inputs = {
    emanote.url = "github:srid/emanote";
    nixpkgs.follows = "emanote/nixpkgs";
    flake-parts.follows = "emanote/flake-parts";

  outputs = inputs@{ self, flake-parts, nixpkgs, ... }:
    flake-parts.lib.mkFlake { inherit self; } {
      systems =;
      imports = [ inputs.emanote.flakeModule ];
      perSystem = { self', ... }: {
        emanote.sites."default" = {
          path = ./.;
          pathString = ".";

(This uses to build/serve the site).


And what is innovative about that use case? Couldn’t I already do that before just with different syntax?

This part:

Because flake-parts is using the nix module system. It means that a flake can now impact the host flake output.

This is for scenarios where the host flake gets taken over by one of the input flakes. In a framework-like approach.

I prefer explicit wiring because it’s generally more composable. But I can see the appeal of the above approach if you want to reduce the amount of nix that your users need to know.


So basically it ports the nixos module system to just flakes without nixosConfiguration.

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