Using nix with csh or tcsh

The nix install process ends by saying:

To ensure that the necessary environment
variables are set, please add the line

. /Users/<user>/.nix-profile/etc/profile.d/

to your shell profile (e.g. ~/.profile).

However, this doesn’t work for csh or tcsh users, since uses bash-isms. Is there a work-around? Or any documentation about the environment variables that need to be set?

I really only need enough to make a #!/usr/bin/env nix-shell script work, if that matters.


I’m in the same place. The lack of csh support is really the only thing preventing me from adopting nix in serious way.

BTW, I just manually adapted the resulting sh to csh. I can run nix-env, but not the shell.

Fish has a similar problem. My solution there is to run bash -c '. $0; for name in "${!NIX_@}"; do printf "%s=%s\n" "$name" "${!name}"; done' ~/.nix-profile/etc/profile.d/, then parse the lines back into environment variables. That doesn’t include PATH but I can also manually update PATH myself.

There’s also issues where any fish vendor functions/config/completions won’t be picked up by my local shell, so I also muck about with my shell’s configuration to insert Nix’s paths into the right spots, but that part is entirely optional.