Using settings sync with vscode

Hey there!

I was going to tackle my vscode configuration on my nixOS system. Then I had a realization that I use vscode on non-nix systems as well.

Is there any reason I can’t just use the built in “settings sync” that vscode has? Is there any extra configuration needed for it to work properly? I turned it on, and it “seems” to work. But I wanted to confirm so I don’t break my config on all my systems.

I’m not worried about the whole “reproducible builds” aspect.

Thanks. :+1:

Edit - I spoke too soon. Seems like some settings came through. And some extensions.

So any input is appreciated.

Small update. So I have moved to using the vscode-fhs package. But for some reason this machine will only pull a partial of my config and extensions. I have to be missing something.

EDIT - I blew away all code settings, reinstalled, and tried again. Same issue. 17 of 79 extensions show up, and only a handful of settings. sigh.

I have spoken to a few other users, and apparently, this should work. I am wondering if I hit a bug.

I decided to open up an issue on GitHub for the package.

Just posting for future people searching.

OK! This is NOT a bug.

The issue was that I was using code-insiders on my other machines and regular code on my NixOS install. Settings Sync keeps the setting separate. :man_facepalming:

I closed out the issue on GitHub as well.