Using the existing xorg.conf.d files

I’m in the process of switching to NixOS and would like to migrate my old Xorg.conf.d files. I want to get the FreeSync and proper acceleration/scrolling.

So far I have tried the following:

  • Copying the contents to services.xserver.config
  • Copying the contents to services.xserver.extraConfig
  • Copying the files into the folder itself

None of the options worked so far, meaning that there is no effect when I start the user WM.

The following is the relevant part of the configuration file:

  services.xserver = {
  enable = true;
  videoDrivers = [ "amdgpu" ];
  libinput.enable= true;
  config = ''
    Section "InputClass"
      Identifier      "Kensington SlimBlade"
      MatchIsPointer  "on"
      Option          "AccelProfile"      "flat"
      Option          "AccelSpeed"        "0"
      Option          "ScrollMethod"      "button"
      Option          "ScrollButton"      "8"
      Option          "MiddleEmulation"   "true"
    Section "Device"
      Identifier     "AMD"
      Option         "VariableRefresh"   "true"

Additionally I tried ending each line with \n, but then Xorg refuses to start.

What is the correct way of doing this?

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@eichhorn , I am also struggling with making X work, I wonder, did you find where the xorg.conf file was written to? I am not able to find it on my system.

I don’t know about earlier, but nowadays it seems Xorg is passed the configuration file explicitly:

$ systemctl status display-manager
● display-manager.service - X11 Server
     Loaded: loaded (/nix/store/61sd1n1q13pycraxhvm2v6cxk2w3d8j4-unit-display-manager.service/display-manager.service; linked; vendor preset: enabled)
     Active: active (running) since Wed 2021-08-11 19:23:51 EEST; 3 days ago
   Main PID: 1287 (lightdm)
         IP: 0B in, 0B out
         IO: 90.2M read, 1.2M written
      Tasks: 28 (limit: 38439)
     Memory: 174.3M
        CPU: 1h 13min 19.958s
     CGroup: /system.slice/display-manager.service
             ├─1287 /nix/store/2lr0y3nzqzh1p0xbjj60sv622zxpvv9p-lightdm-1.30.0/sbin/lightdm
             └─1488 /nix/store/j9a11ai05jwga463sfjs4j05p0cfhv2d-xorg-server-1.20.13/bin/X -config /nix/store/104dd6d587976dya8dh37wwh5s4z2v1h-xserver.conf -xkbdir /nix/store/r6z8appffdik21xp3jd3hq6ny>

Aug 11 19:23:50 kktdr systemd[1]: Starting X11 Server...
Aug 11 19:23:51 kktdr systemd[1]: Started X11 Server.
Aug 11 19:23:51 kktdr lightdm[1795]: pam_unix(lightdm-autologin:session): session opened for user eeva(uid=1000) by (uid=0)

Zooming in on X -config /nix/store/104dd6d587976dya8dh37wwh5s4z2v1h-xserver.conf

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I found that if you enable this setting:

services.xserver.exportConfiguration = true;

The configuration will be written to: /etc/X11/xorg.conf

as a symlink.

Necro’ing a bit here, but I figured this needed resolution. You can apply a configuration to the device section of the config via services.xserver.deviceSection. There’s also an undocumented option which specifiers deviceSections per driver (i.e.: services.xserver.drivers.amdgpu.deviceSection). Not certain exactly when these were put in, but it’s certainly there in nixos-unstable right now.

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These should probably be documented, that’s a bug.