Vboxusers group


I just installed NixOS yesterday and am still getting to know it. I installed Virtualbox and am trying to figure out how to create the vboxusers group and add my user to it the “NixOS way”.


virtualisation.virtualbox.host.enable = true;
users.users.yourusername.extraGroups = ["vboxusers"];

then re-login

Thank you! I had added that first line, but not the second. I appreciate the assistance.

my personal VBox setup (NixOS relative newcomer) is:

users.extraUsers.MyUserName = {
  extraGroups = [
    ... "vboxusers" "vboxsf"

that simply create relevant groups and add my user to them.

The rest is

virtualisation.virtualbox.host.enable = true;
virtualisation.virtualbox.host.enableExtensionPack = true;

Only problem is that VirtualBox get rebuilt upon update, and it
take a bit of time but everything work well.

– Ingmar

Thanks for that. Great help here. Still getting NixOS figured out