Veracrypt error message


I’m new to NixOS, but loving it so far!

I have, as you might expect, a few issues to figure out, the first, for which I can’t seem to find an answer, is that veracrypt throws an error message every time I run it. This doesn’t instill confidence in such an app.

It says in the message to ignore it! But I don’t feel comfortable doing that. Can anyone offer any advice as to how I should deal with this?

I would like to install Truecrypt, but it doesn’t appear to be in the store and I, as yet, do not know how to compile in NixOS.

Many thanks in advance.

Running the latest NixOS 22.11 with Cinnamon on a Dell Latitude 5580

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I can confirm that I also get this error message.

./src/common/sizer.cpp(2299): assert "CheckSizerFlags(!((flags) & (wxALIGN_RIGHT | wxALIGN_CENTRE_HORIZONTAL | wxALIGN_BOTTOM | wxALIGN_CENTRE_VERTICAL)))" failed in DoInsert(): wxALIGN_RIGHT | wxALIGN_CENTRE_HORIZONTAL | wxALIGN_BOTTOM | wxALIGN_CENTRE_VERTICAL will be ignored in this sizer: wxEXPAND overrides alignment flags in box sizers


If you're an end user running a program not developed by you, please ignore this message, it is harmless, and please try reporting the problem to the program developers.

You may also set WXSUPPRESS_SIZER_FLAGS_CHECK environment variable to suppress all such checks when running this program.

If you're the developer, simply remove this flag from your code to avoid getting this message. You can also call wxSizerFlags::DisableConsistencyChecks() to globally disable all such checks, but this is strongly not recommended.

I’m new here too and I came across the same error message when starting VeraCrypt, however I ignored the message and continued pressing the “continue” button until it disappeared.

I encrypted a file for testing and then decrypted it on another OS and it worked correctly. In any case, it would be good to signal this to the developers so that a patch can be produced.