[video] NixOS: How it works and how to install it!


Thanks for posting this video, I would say this one is of great quality and would surely be good for the nixos.org frontpage!

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Part 2: NixOS Dual-Booting & UEFI


Thank you so much for these videos!

Yesterday I had the feeling I want to try out installing NixOS.

Tried to find out what is the best source for that. Watched your video and damn it makes it look very simple. And indeed, it was very simple! These videos were super useful though, I probably would have run into some problems without them.

My goal is to get to a usable NixOS + Xmonad config. I tried to do it from some dotfiles from GitHub but failed at it for some mysterious reasons.

So if you are going to do videos about package management next, maybe afterwards one about how to use home-manager could be nice?

Anyway, thank you so much for these!

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search github for configuration.nix, you’ll find someone using xmonad.

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NixOS Part 3: How the store and packages work


I just bought some nicer recording equipment. I probably revisit and expand my current videos :slight_smile: