Virtualbox guest additions image inaccessible

I got the following error whilst trying to instert the guest additions cd image:

The image file ‘home/davide/.VirtualBox/VBoxGuestAdditions_6.1.34.iso’ is inaccessible and is being ignored.

I have no /home/davide/.VirtualBox folder; I have a home/davide/.config/VirtualBox one which however does not contain any VBoxGuestAdditions file.
Following this link, the relevant part of my configuration is: = true; = true;
virtualisation.virtualbox.guest.enable = true;
virtualisation.virtualbox.guest.x11 = true;
users.extraGroups.vboxusers.members = [ "user-with-access-to-virtualbox" ];

I found a workaround by manually downloading an iso and putting on a folder I created ad-hoc, but I wonder if there are not better ways to proceed?
Thanks :slight_smile:


I think the first issue here is /home/davide should have a chmod 700, which prevent any other user to read into your home directory. I’m not familiar with Vbox on NixOS, but you should consider the permission problem. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply. I suspect that may not be the cause of the problem because the guest additions work if I manually create the required folder and put the iso there

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