Virtualbox keeps getting rebuilt

I have this in my configuration.nix: = { enable = true; enableExtensionPack = true; };

Now, whenever I do: nixos-rebuild switch --upgrade Virtualbox gets rebuilt from source.

While I don’t really have a problem with it getting built from source, it seems to be building the same exact version over and over again.

Is there a reason it keeps rebuilding the same thing and is there an easy way to stop that from happening?

Extension pack! There is some licensing conflict and the prebuikt binaries need a standard hard coded location. I would pin vbox module to a specific version. Btw if you’re too keen there is a pr I believe which tries to address this.


Follow steps here- [Question] How to enable a service from a different channel · Issue #41212 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub to pin virtual box and avoid recompilation(insecure, goes without saying).

This is not the pr I was talking about

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This is the PR I was talking about-

The original author has discontinued it but if you’re feeling adventurous, just import the module from that commit.