VMWare Workstation Not Opening

Hello everyone,
I am so glad to be a part of this great community and project.
I recently installed vmware workstation via nix config file, it was successful, but when i launched it, it is not opening. I tried to launch from cmd and got the message in the attached screenshot. I was trying to follow some solution i saw but the vmware config files are read-only and i am not able to edit it. I will be so glad to receive help on this. Thank you.

Thank you all, the above issue has been fixed. I got help from @NobbZ.
Apparently, using this link NixOS Search
I added the virtualisation.vmware.host.enable to my configuration.nix file and set it to true, then i rebuild. I hope this helps someone who might need it as well. Thank you.

i installed it but the sound didnt work on any vm did you do any fix for it.