Vouchers for 36C3

As usual we will have an assembly on the Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig and the presales for this event is soon upon us (Welcome to the 36C3 presale! :: 36th Chaos Communication Congress :: 36th Chaos Communication Congress).

I have arranged for the NixOS assembly to get a few vouchers.
Since the amount is limited and meant for the NixOS project we will only give these out to org members with commit-bit on a first-come-first-serve basis.

You’re gonna have to be ready to buy this fast as we’d like to get the most out of our replicating vouchers.
For more information on how the voucher system works see the 36C3 presales FAQ: FAQ :: 36th Chaos Communication Congress.

To express your interest either drop me a line on IRC (adisbladis on freenode) or an email to adisbladis at gmail dot com. You could also respond to this thread.
Please include your Github handle so I can confirm your NixOS org membership.

I just want to remind everyone that the presales for the event start tonight for people with vouchers.