Vscode.cpptools OpenDebugAD7 is broken in nixpkgs?

Hi all,

I’m desperately trying to setup Emacs (spacemacs to be precise) for c++ debugging.

So far I’ve managed to install vscode-extensions.ms-vscode.cpptools and set dap-cpptools-debug-program to what looked like a proper binary, namely /nix/store//…/bin/OpenDebugAD7.
However, this didn’t work as Emacs was not able to launch it.

Closer inspection revealed what I believe is an issue in nixpkgs cpptools

  • $BIN_DIR is already pointing into …/bin folder - extra …/bin/… feels wrong here
  • There is no OpenDebugAD7**.exe** file anywhere in my nix store and/or original MS package on github

I did try running OpenDebugAD7_orig and OpenDebugAD7.dll with no success.

Would appreciate any suggestions for workaround / proper fix or any working recipe for the original problem (Emacs + NixOS = c++ debugging)

The same problem, but only I use Vim, I decided to use CodeLLDB

This has been fixed in https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/178513 .

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