Vscode integrated terminal causes lagging in other applications

When I run couple of nodejs programs (webpack with watching) inside vscode integrated terminal, other applications become very unresponsive. Especially google chrome and also vscode itself.

When run those programs in tilix, everything is ok. What can I do with this?

I need integrated terminal because vscode debugger auto-attaches when program started in integrated terminal.

Have you checked CPU usage resulting from that? top might help figure out if there’s something fishy going on.

It’s possible vscode does some synchronous update thing, and halts the browser process periodically or something. Either way, it sounds like an upstream issue.

Probably upstream, but the same configuration works on debian bullseye with no problems.

Yeah, it’s worth checking the resource usage of top processes just in case there is some fishy indirection through a wrapping script that needs to be optimized or somesuch. Chrome is wrapped, to my knowledge :slight_smile:

We may also not be applying the same downstream patches (Debian particularly enjoys patching, so “it works on Debian” isn’t always a good metric as to whether an upstream bug exists), or just have a different version outright. Hard to compare between different downstreams without a bit more specific debugging.