VST2 plugins from nixpkgs can't be opened in Ardour


I’m trying to get a DAW environment up and running on my nixos machine with Ardour and some VST2 plugins. I’m installing all of these things from nixpkgs using home-manager.

The software has installed fine and some plugins are detected. All VST2 plugins are detected, but say they can’t be opened by Ardour. For example, having installed the ardour and lsp-plugins nixpkgs packages, the Ardour plugin manager shows the status “Error”:

The error given for one of the VST2 plugins is:

[Info]: Scanning: /nix/store/zr21f4ff9f16rd0if4pwqdg2hycldxxr-lsp-plugins-1.2.13/lib/lv2/lsp-plugins.lv2/lsp-plugins-lv2.so
[ERROR]: Missing entry method in VST2 plugin '/nix/store/zr21f4ff9f16rd0if4pwqdg2hycldxxr-lsp-plugins-1.2.13/lib/lv2/lsp-plugins.lv2/lsp-plugins-lv2.so'
[WARNING]: Cannot open VST2 module '/nix/store/zr21f4ff9f16rd0if4pwqdg2hycldxxr-lsp-plugins-1.2.13/lib/lv2/lsp-plugins.lv2/lsp-plugins-lv2.so'
Scan Failed.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any suggestions as to what’s going on or how I can fix this would be much appreciated. I’m struggling to understand how this issue could be unique if both packages have been reproducibly built with nix.