Walking away from the project

Thank you for writing this.
I really appreciate all the contributions you’ve made to the project and through that to my life !
All the best and take care ! :slight_smile:


WORLDofPEACE :sparkles:,

I’m happy for you, but I’m a bit sad because I enjoyed working with you. Thank you for being such a positive and helpful presence in this community and bringing your exuberance to NixCon last year :slight_smile:

:heart: Best wishes as you navigate through the universe.


Thank you for all your contributions, advice and general kindness. I wish you all the best on your journey.


As i understand it, it is a very emotional decision(not in a bad way), so i hope you will change your mind again at some point and come back to us(yeah, i dare to be so egocentric), anyway good luck and let the force be with you(i mean you don’t have to be an active part of the community to use nix, do you?)

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Thank you. You’ve made a significant impact around here.


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As a GNOME user and IRC beggar, thank you!


20th all-time! You depart this project having made quite an impact. Best wishes for wherever you go from here.


Thank you for your contributions, and, more importantly, for being such a positive, supportive, warm presence in everything that goes on around these parts!


Thank you for everything :two_hearts:


Hope you do well. If you ever change your mind, I’m sure they’ll be plenty of work waiting for you here :smiley:

Stay safe out there!


It’s sad to hear that you go. You are really a unique person and i’m happy that i had the opportunity to know you and work with you.

I wish you all the best for your life! :sparkles:


Thank you immensely for everything and may whatever you do next be filled with sparkles


Thanks for all your hard work!



you were immensely useful while also being immensely nice.

When giving examples of great open-source contributors that make projects pleasant, I regularly give you as example.


I experience things intuitively and emotionally, so I don’t really have the means to describe things in any other way. I don’t think in words, just feelings. In the end I don’t think it really matters. We write words to record feelings, and read them to feel the one’s the writer was feeling. It’s enough for me to know that, by what someone has read from me, they got a sliver of that experience of being me, and hopefully understanding. Alas, language is linear, and has a defined start and end. It has limits and I hope everyone understands this.


I really worked hard to be that person for NixOS. I would think to myself, I wouldn’t let anyone have me if there wasn’t a way that someone remembered this place as soft and comforted. I hope everyone here can remember to… not always be serious or uptight to a mistake. And to remember that everything has an element of play to it.


Thank you for everything you done, and best of luck in all your future ventures.

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I am a Nix newbie, but I remember you from Nixcon 2020! I took mental note of how well you MC’d there, not just in keeping things going smoothly but also in the kindness and humanity you showed, to me it was a reminder not to take things so seriously, like you say. Thank you for sharing your voice with the community, it is all the better for it!


I’ve lurked around the community for a relatively short time, but been in technology all my life. The tech world is sometimes harsh. Computers think in binary. Unfeelingly they follow unbendable laws of nature. To them things are either right or wrong. People who work with them slight into that mindset all too easily. It is understandable, because those people, us, we need to model what computers do in our minds. It’s necessary for what we do. It is our work, and how could it not become our default? We do for much of our waking time.
To me personally, your greatest contribution was making me aware of that. Was teaching me that our field of work can be gentle and playful and kind, yet still exceptionally professional, meaningful and capable, because you were all those things. Thank you @worldofpeace. You are a singular human and I’m glad I got to see you in my corner of life.