Watch command failed to display special characters

Hi, I am a beginner of NixOS.
watch command failed to display special characters like Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

I think the easiest way to reproduce it is that it cannot even display some special character in lsblk

Something like this in lsblk


Become like this in watch lsblk


Only watch command have this problem, those special characters are displayed perfectly fine elsewhere.

I know this may not be NixOS specific but I haven’t encountered this problem in other distros.

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Is it something related to the missing --enable-watch8bit configureFlags in procps?
I tried to overlay it to add it back, but suddenly it has more than thousands of derivations needed to be recompiled, so I gave up to test it.

That looks right to me. You can test it with:

nix-shell \
  --packages 'procps.overrideAttrs (a: {
    configureFlags = a.configureFlags ++ [ "--enable-watch8bit" ];
  })' \
  --run 'watch echo ✓'

I’d recommend opening an issue in nixpkgs to add this flag by default. Debian, Arch, and Red Hat already do in their packaging.

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