Wayland go away

Wayland must go away NOW

Please help me get rid of it. Totally unusable. First never ending button 6 clicks, I don’t even have a button 6. After a few reboots, can’t even click once without freezing.

I’m all for adventure but I never asked for Wayland. What’s worse, it’s installed under the guise of ‘xserver’. Sounds like Trojan method. Not good for adoption, contrary effect.

Rant done. Please help me replace it by X11.

Assuming you’re using gnome+gdm, afaik you need to select the non-wayland session on the login screen.

Fedora has a nice screenshot of this: Configuring Xorg as the default GNOME session :: Fedora Docs

There doesn’t currently seem to be an option for changing the default session in NixOS config. Maybe you can write the files suggested by fedora (using environment.etc in your NixOS config) and it just works, too?

Nah, you’d do it like this:

services.xserver.displayManager.gdm.settings.daemon.DefaultSession = "gnome-xorg.desktop";

I’m ‘using’ Plasma 6. Found the X11 option. Alas same result. Same hardware as previous, working Arch Linux with X11. But now I tasted Nix and cannot revert…

What can I try ?

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Moving on to restoring my AwesomeWM setup… thx for helping, this button6 glitch seems related to Plasma and not Wayland.


‘Plasma must go away NOW’ rage-rant when? :stuck_out_tongue:


Why, though? I’ve been enjoying Plasma 5 on Wayland (even with Nvidia privative drivers) since three years ago, and now Plasma 6 with both Nvidia and Intel iGPU works beautifully well :blue_heart:

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I think @rhendric is joking because the original rant against wayland was clearly unfounded, yet Plasma isn’t being treated with the same ire :wink:

Might still not be Plasma, and ultimately hardware/config related. If not, at least moving to awesome will prove that there’s a Plasma bug, and maybe lead to it being fixed.


Oh my, I totally missed it! :man_facepalming: :rofl:

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Desktop environments were never meant to be customizable

Wanted to customize your experience anyway for a laugh ? We have a solution for that: more applications

They have played us for absolute fools

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