Wayland KDE/Plasma6 and Monitor Configuration Saving

Looking around it seems a lot of the ‘xrandr’ or ‘arandr’ replacements for wayland sessions is built for wlroots and sway, so they don’t attach properly to Wayland KDE. Any work around here?

Basically I have three display configurations I like to be able to invoke with a hot key/short cut preferably, but I see no way to save monitor configurations without another tool.

Just for references, these setups are “All 6+1(TV) screens with Bottom Center Primary” and “Top Three Screens only” and “TV Primary”

TV Primary and 6+1 is fine to just open display settings and just switch the primary, but I find it tiring to have to manage 3-4 screens in display manager every morning and night when I switch to work-mode.