Webkitgtk-2.36.0 is taking forever to build

Trying to do an upgrade this morning and somehow webkitgtk-2.36.0 ended up in my derivations list.

It’s taking like forever to compile webkitgtk-2.36.0 …

I don’t remember this being an issue before. I can see there are a number of different packages with dependency on webkitgtk on my system including many GNOME packages.

Any ideas?

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It’s essentially a browser, so yeah it takes time. It was merged into release-21.11 last night because of 4 security issues. Best to be patient and wait until it arrives in a channel.

Thanks! What’s best way to figure out how it ended up in my derivations list (without actually building it)?

GitHub - utdemir/nix-tree: Interactively browse dependency graphs of Nix derivations. on your current system closure.

Switching channels from nixos-21.11-small to nixos-21.11 solved the problem for me.

But I dunno why -small would force a build of webkitgtk like that … that never happened to me before today and I’ve been running -small for a while now.

It doesn’t force the build, it just doesn’t make sure webkitgtk is already cached when it is released. The -small form factor is primarily intended for headless machines, like servers.