Weird keyboard error on NixOS

My keyboard is giving me an odd kind of issue in NixOS, RGB keeps turning off after a few seconds of booting up, but it will come back on if I type something for a little while. However, when I unplug and then re-plug the USB, it functions flawlessly. I’ve discovered that there are no problems with Windows, and when I re-plug it, NixOS likewise functions flawlessly. What then is the problem here?

I have tested further with my NixOS live ISO and with endeavor OS, which just worked. So I think the problem is coming from the configuration, but I am not sure why I am getting the error when I boot my pc, and not when I use or replug the USB port.

Could you please provide more details about the hardware? Which keyboard are you using?

Well, I am using a custom build keyboard. I am on NixOS latest stable branch with hyprland. RGB gets turned off when SDDM comes not when i am in the BIOS, But Linux ISO NixOS plasma with sddm just works.

What firmware are you using on this custom keyboard? QMK/TMK?

I am not sure about that. Is there a way to check it? Also, if they have not used those firmware than what should i do to fix it?

I also have replaced the keyboard, Now i have found the error, it is with SDDM. It’s just works before login to sddm.