Welcome Ryan Hendrickson to the Moderation Team

Today, we’re excited to welcome @rhendric / Ryan Hendrickson to the Moderation Team. He has graciously volunteered to help uphold the mission of having a safe and welcoming community.

Ryan is a Nixpkgs committer and started contributing to Nixpkgs in 2017. Currently, he’s focused on automating the Nixpkgs PR pipeline. He’s one of the maintainers of the PureScript programming language and interested in programming languages and compiler design in general.

Please help us welcome him to the team!

As a reminder to all, our code of conduct can be found on Github. All official team information including contact methods is available on the Moderation Team website.


Welcome! Moderation work may seem thankless at times, but do know that the majority highly appreciate the difficult work that the moderation team does, and the healthy community that you all foster!