Wg-bond: Wireguard configuration manager with Nix and NixOps support (+)

I tried to find a configuration manager for Wireguard, with multiple export formats, and failed to. So I wrote one!
I am using it as a daily driver for a ~month now, managing my NixOps cluster, and phone/notebook proxy configs.

It’s on GitLab

It supports exporting to

  • Nix
  • NixOps
  • wg-quick config files
  • Wireguard for Android QR codes

You can try it with nix flakes:

# nix-shell -p nixFlakes
nix run gitlab:cab404/wg-bond/master -- --help

…or just install it with cargo.

Will be glad to hear any criticism :з


Released 0.2.0, and packaged it in Cargo and Nixpkgs! Here’s a PR for latter, not yet merged.)

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