What are your goals for 21.05?

In a similar vein to https://discourse.nixos.org/t/what-are-your-goals-for-20-09, what are people’s goals for the upcoming release?


I can start:

  • Get basinix into a usable state before ZHF
  • Release 21.05 in May :slight_smile:
  • Finish hook’ifying of buildRustPackage. This is mostly done, with one more PR in the queue. I want to clean up the hooks a bit more and improve the documentation.
  • It is currently not possible to use AMD’s ROCm OpenCL implementation and OpenGL in the same application due to Mesa and ROCm using different LLVM versions. Since I have access to an AMD GPU machine again, I want to fix this before 21.05.
  • Move PyTorch to CUDA 11 by default to support Ampere GPUs. Probably requires another upstream release, there were some large regressions with convolution layers in PyTorch 1.7.1 + CUDA 11.
  • May not make it in time for 21.05, but I want to try working towards avoiding build failures of (primarily ML) packages that get send to Hydra nodes that do not have the requisite SIMD instructions. I have made a PR (Nix#4551) to expose the micro-architecture levels that were recently added to the ELF x86-64 psABI. If we could get something like that in Nix, we could use x86-64-v[234] as additional platforms in derivations.
  • A bit-by-bit reproducible nixos-minimal ISO image (main remaining PR’s are python, gcc, squashfs and linux-firmware)
  • Casual contributions: various updates, new packages, removing dependencies on jdk8

I know you’re probably in the rapid development stage right now but when things are more stable I’d be happy to submit some PRs to basnix

I’ve been procrastinating a bit just due to burnout, but eventually I would love for someone who is knowledgeable in rust to give some of the code a through look-over.

And probably a whole bunch of other unexpected great shiny stuff.