What does 60.8/1044.9 MiB means?

I’m rebuilding NixOS.

I understand that the part 17.2/317.9 MiB DL means the downloaded size from https://cache.nixos.org, but I don’t know what the part 60.8/1044.9 MiB means. I don’t understand 2/2/215 numbers either. What does 2, 2, and 215 represent?

Could you please explain it to me?


2/3/215 (varying the numbers to make them distinct) means that the whole job requires 215 copies, 3 are already done and 2 are currently in process.

I think that the 60.8/1044.9MiB refers to the uncompressed size while the 317.9MiB is just the raw downloaded size, but I’m not entirely sure about that.


There are 2 numbers here: 60.8 & 1044.9. Which one is the uncompressed size?

Both. 60 ist what has been uncompressed so far, 1000 is final size after everything got decompressed.