What does linuxPackages_testing mean?

I mean, how can I translate these names to actual kernel versions?

Does these mean different kernels for each architecture?

What is linuxPackages_testing on Raspberry Pi, as of right now? Is there a command to query that?

Is it that same kernel version for x86, right now?

linuxPackages is defined here. The linuxKernel attribute they refer to is defined here and points to this file containing all of the kernels. As of the time of writing linuxPackages_testing points to packages built for kernel version 6.9-rc4. I don’t believe the kernel version referenced by these tags is affected by the architecture and platform right now, although in theory there could be a stdenv.isAarch64 conditional hidden somewhere, depending on how you set your localSystem or hostPlatform (i.e. how you instantiated your Nixpkgs).

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