What is your favorite app? Why and let’s mix it up CLI and GUI

What apps do you find most useful? List them out all of your favorites!

Web - Vivaldi
No email client currently
Matrix - Moment(a fork of Mirage)
Better Discord
Files all - TBT
Terminal- Kitty
Wallpaper- Variety


Web - qutebrowser
Email - aerc
Social - Gossip (nostr client)
Terminal - Alacritty

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Awesome I never heard of nostr before so I’m checking it out

favorite apps:

  • mpv: I like that I can add cool extensions to it like realtime upscaling
  • gh: making prs is so nice now (but never merge with it lol, it will close cascading prs instead of repoint them)
  • qutebrowser: the bestest
  • twingate: basically a really cool personal vpn. if you want to remote ssh into your desktop, but don’t want to expose your port to the whole internet, this is the way.
  • zoxide: automatic cd shortcuts

I don’t use much social media other than twitter and yt, but I am trying to limit those.

ncdu (CLI) to see where the storage space goes. gdmap is a GUI program for the same purpose, and there it is feasible to see at a glance if a directory’s weight all comes from a single entry on the next level

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I meant to says Thunar for file browser