What other gnu/linux distros (if any) do nixos/nix users use?

What other distros (if any/or other OS!) do nixos/nix users use ??..

just asking out of intrest
… any one else know of or use any mentioned below ?!

myself i boot

many debian derivatives
notably devuan ascii

a little fedora

similar to nix wrt different fhs Filesystem Hierarchy Standard - Wikipedia




plus some intend to boot/install at some point if/when i find time

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I will try Void Linux in a virtual machine someday. But I use only NixOS for now.

Home stuff:

Work stuff:

  • laptop: Kubuntu
  • servers: Debian in a VM and same in a container

wow O.O
thanks for the links!! …

… i have found boot.loader.grub.extraEntries = ‘’ … ‘’

useful for testing nix package manager on some of the above mentioned

… lol : “smart” phone
the android alternative stuff is new to me !

I’m going to copy hook’s style.

Home stuff:

  • laptop: Arch (I’m planning to switch to NixOS but I need to figure out if I want full disk encryption with the unencrypted boot partition stuff on an external usb key (I’m not sure but think I wouldn’t need that if I was able to use secure boot))
  • desktop: Win 10 (I’m planning to dual boot it with NixOS soon)
  • phone: Android 9
  • vps: Ubuntu 16.04.5 (I’m considering switching to NixOS but I might stick with Ubuntu to get security updates faster and run my stuff in docker)

Work stuff:

  • desktop: NixOS
  • server: Ubuntu 16.04.5

This is interesting! Here’s my current setup

Home systems are mostly nixos now managed with nixops but they went through some progression from:

  • desktop/laptop: macos, Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Fedora, Arch, nixos
  • fileserver: freenas, nixos
  • media center: windows 7, nixos
  • router: openwrt, tomato, nixos


  • phone: android
  • old laptop running windows 7

Work: macos and ubuntu

personally I’m all on NixOS except a test machine with GuixSD; for
“friends support” still many Ubuntu desktop (ongoing migration to
NixOS, around three done, around 8 to go) and for work also mix of
Ubuntu, OpenBSD, FreeBSD and few other residual unices.

GuixSD interest is for curiosity, mostly because I like scheme/lisp while
I do not feel too much at home with nix and because being an Emacs user
nearly full-stack (from WM to MUA, PIM etc) I’d like Guix integration in
Emacs, dreaming a future in witch my Emacs config will also be my OS
config from bootloader to basic userland and package managements…

Ubuntu is legacy, used in the past because of Unity, dropped as Ubuntu
desktop took the path to oblivion. OpenBSD was my personal homeserver
choice but I decide to go with NixOS and I’m happy with it.

– Ingmar

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IPfire for a router/firewall.
A CentOS VM at work (but I added nix to it).

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I’m on ubuntu 16.4 and getting ready to upgrade to 18.4 but want to look around a little first.
I’m trying nix on the 16.4 machine as a get-to-know-you exercise. Found it was a requirement to use cardano crypto. I’m having a slow start. It didnt work the first time.:frowning: