Whats-in-my-store: Match your Nix Store to packages from NixPkgs

I recently published a little tool I whipped up which will search an instance of NixPkgs (or a flake that exports pkgs or packages) and provide info for packages that were found in your system’s Nix Store. It does evaluate NixPkgs to match store paths so the process can take a while, but it does work! Feel free to give it a try!


Very useful tool. Thank you @jakehamilton

Is it similar to nix-tree?


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I think it’s bit different from nix-tree. whats-in-my-store will search a given flake and show you what packages you have from it in your Nix Store, including things like the attribute of the package on the flake, the version of the package, description, etc. I believe nix-tree is good for understanding the links between store paths.