What's the difference between plasma-integration, kwayland-integration and plasma-browser integration?

Maybe a better place to ask the question than Difference between plasma-integration, kwayland-integration and plasma-browser integration? · Issue #152293 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub.

When searching on https://search.nixos.org for “plasma integration” there are 2 different packages : plasma-integration and plasma-browser-integration. Looking further in the repo to try and find a distinction, there’s additionally a kwayland-integration. To make matters even more confusing plasma-integration/default.nix requires kwayland

What are all these packages? Are they related? Aliases? Copies?

If someone could explain the difference, I’d be willing to create a PR with the description. IMO all packages should have a description that’s checked in PRs, but that’s probably for another time.

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I’m new to NixOS and I’m not sure which pattern to follow, not only for installing the KDE Plasma integration with Firefox, but for installing additional packages.

I first found this solution for installing “plasma-browser-integration” on the NixOS KDE Wiki (https://nixos.wiki/wiki/KDE):

environment.plasma5.excludePackages = with pkgs.libsForQt5; [

Then I found this configuration on the NixOS Wiki about Firefox (Firefox - NixOS Wiki):

programs.firefox.nativeMessagingHosts.packages = with pkgs.plasma5Packages; [

Performing a search with “nix-env -qaP”:

$ nix-env -qaP plasma-browser-integration
nixos.libsForQt5.plasma-browser-integration plasma-browser-integration-5.27.10
nixos.plasma-browser-integration plasma-browser-integration-5.27.10

A little confused about which pattern to follow. I’ll run some tests and come back to report the results.