What's the '\' in Nix language

Where the problem is

I want to make it pure string but I don’t know how and either found it in the documents.

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To escape ${ in multi-line strings you can use ''${. Heres the documentation on this: Data Types - Nix Reference Manual.

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It’s described here in the definition of strings:


There’s a separate page for interpolation, and arguably it should be in that section, or at least referenced there, but this particular form is specific to indented strings.

Since ${ and '' have special meaning in indented strings, you need a way to quote them. $ can be escaped by prefixing it with '' (that is, two single quotes), i.e., ''$. '' can be escaped by prefixing it with ', i.e., '''. $ removes any special meaning from the following $. Linefeed, carriage-return and tab characters can be written as ''\n, ''\r, ''\t, and ''\ escapes any other character.

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