Where are Vim plugins installed?


This might be a very stupid question, but I’m wondering, where are Vim plugins installed and how do I access that location variable inside configuration.nix?

For example, the vim plugin section in my configuration.nix is something like this:

          packages.myVimPackage = with pkgs.vimPlugins; {
            start = [

Now, how do I know exactly where is plugin installed in the system? I can do a system-wide search but all I found was some random-hash.plugin somewhere in /nix/store/, but is there a programmable way to access this location?

I could try ${pkgs.vimPlugins.plugin} in configuration.nix, but is it the correct way? And is there a way to print out this value so that I can make sure it’s the correct location/value?

The reason I’m asking this question is because of a previous post of mine, where I needed to access a script inside the vim plugin slimv's installation location, but I don’t know how.

Please help. Thank you very much!

It is actually placed on nix store. Configuration decides which ones you’re accessing to. For neovim, I can check with :scriptnames command from the editor, so I can follow the order to see where it loads what. Not sure if it’s compatible with Vim though.