Where does Sway VM store its logs in NixOS

I want to inspect some sway startup troubles in my NixOS configuration:https://github.com/gabyx/dotfiles

Does anybody know where I find the log output of the sway instance?Also how can I inspect exec ... calls, do they output also to the sway log?

I have a ~/.config/sway/scripts/start-up.sh script which does not launch, and I dont know why:

Sway logs to stdout/stderr, so what you could do is run from a TTY and redirect the output into a logfile, for example via

sway |& tee sway.log

The more elaborate alternative would be to use a systemd unit.

If it’s logging to stdout, it should show up in journalctl. Also check journalctl --user!

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Do you also know how to restart sway, instead of logging out, is that done via systemctl ...?

A restart of sway would effectively log you out.

Why would you need to do that though? Are there sway logs in the journal?

Ah just messing with my sway config file, ok I then use logout to restart :). Thanks for the kind help!!

Ah, if you just want to apply a new config file, there’s a shortcut/sway command for that.

# reload the configuration file
bindsym $mod+Shift+c reload

Ah thanks, no I mean to completely restart sway with all the startup code.