Where is `overrideScope'` documented?

I was reading up on overlays in the wiki when I got to the Overriding a package inside a scope section, and it mentioned that “Some packages are not in the top level of nixpkgs but inside a scope” and the example started off with overrideScope'.

Tried to find more info about it but the Nixpkgs manual has only two results (regarding Emacs), this thread is about poetry2nix, and the wiki example above is regarding Xfce.

Scope” as a term is also not explained in the Nixpgks manual but I assume that the language packages also belong to a “scope” (e.g., under Haskell, Python, Erlang) so overrideScope' can also be used for that.

Or not. Haven’t looked at the source yet, and I thought I would ask here first. Thanks!


The only docs I am aware of is in the source comment:


You can also find examples here

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