Where's The Nix Podcast?

Someone is going to eventually do a Nix podcast and it may as well be you.

I may be interested in helping you out with that.

You don’t have to be a Nix expert but you do have to be well spoken and not shy. I suppose.

We will interview experts and pretty much everyone in the community will listen regularly.

We’ll probably even be sponsored by some Nix company to some degree. Or the foundation.

Who wants to be a co-host?


Always interested in helping out on the A/V side of things. Please let me know where/how I can help. :blush:


Messaged you in private.

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Nix is regulary mentioned on the LINUX Unplugged:


What we are trying to cover is new features that come to Nix in some short 10min video → Nix announcements - YouTube

@mightyiam I’ve done podcast in the past, but does not allow it anymore. But if you need any support from the marketing team or even joining the marketing team to do the “official” Nix podcast please let us know.

I would love to do the official Nix podcast. I’ll message you.