Where's The Nix Podcast?

Someone is going to eventually do a Nix podcast and it may as well be you.

I may be interested in helping you out with that.

You don’t have to be a Nix expert but you do have to be well spoken and not shy. I suppose.

We will interview experts and pretty much everyone in the community will listen regularly.

We’ll probably even be sponsored by some Nix company to some degree. Or the foundation.

Who wants to be a co-host?


Always interested in helping out on the A/V side of things. Please let me know where/how I can help. :blush:


Messaged you in private.


Nix is regulary mentioned on the LINUX Unplugged:


What we are trying to cover is new features that come to Nix in some short 10min video → https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLt4-_lkyRrOO9M5dffzlLiSQrHGdbKtHQ

@mightyiam I’ve done podcast in the past, but does not allow it anymore. But if you need any support from the marketing team or even joining the marketing team to do the “official” Nix podcast please let us know.

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I would love to do the official Nix podcast. I’ll message you.

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Did an official (or unofficial) podcast materialize?

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I scheduled with one guest and then he got ill and we didn’t reschedule. Will attempt to do so now!


I also asked a different candidate whether they’d be interested in being a guest.


Recording scheduled.


Just recorded the first ep with a prominent member of the community!

Currently figuring out editing and publishing service costs.


Three episodes recorded so far. Looking for sponsor.


when will the episodes be released?


As soon as this podcast is sponsored I will get them professionally edited and published.


After having recorded three episodes and offered the opportunity to sponsor this podcast to several prominent Nix companies, they have all refused for the time being. Which means they may reconsider later. Which is not surprising, provided it’s not for sponsoring an existing podcast, but for sponsoring one at launch. Greater risk of losing the investment. so how does this get launched?

The part I’d be happy to play in this production is the part I’ve been successfully doing so far, and that is reaching out to potential guests, scheduling with them and recording with them. What is required in order to complete this production are the following roles:

  • Editing the raw recording
  • Advising (me) on recording them better.
  • Writing episode descriptions
  • Transcribing episodes
  • Producing social posts for episodes
  • Publishing episodes along with their descriptions, transcripts and social posts.

If you’d like to take on any of these, please contact me and we’ll get the first Nix podcast produced.

Also, I’m not the boss of this. I’m mostly looking to doing my particular role specifically. But if anyone would be interested in sharing this role with me, such as alternating and/or co-hosting, I’d be happy to. So I’m not the boss of this. I’m open to making decisions in a group.


We have a sign-up for transcribing!


Clarification on “Advising (me) on recording them better”: I can use help figuring out how to record me and the guest on different tracks, which format to record to and whatever else I’m not aware of but you, as an audio enthusiast/professional are.


I’m certainly no professional, but I would be willing to edit the raw recodings.

  • Editing the raw recording

Depending on the schedule and episode length, I might be available to edit the podcast (in case chrism’s offer falls through for any reason).

I am also self-taught, I produce one irregular podcast in my native language. I also publish it with Nix + Pelican + my fork of pelican-podcast-feed, but if you’re looking at static site generators, something like Hugo might be more in vogue / maintained.

Transcribing episodes

I wonder if OpenAI Whisper could be of any help (as a starting point at least). I used it to make subtitles for my presentation on NixOS and with the larger models it did a pretty good job (it actually knew terms like “NixOS”, “Nix” etc.)

I can use help figuring out how to record me and the guest on different tracks, which format to record to and whatever else I’m not aware of but you, as an audio enthusiast/professional are.

For remote recording, I would recommend one of these services that provide VoIP + record multi-track with each participant separated. Sadly can not recommend one of them specifically - I used the free version of Zencastr once, but it was not without problems IIRC.

For just one guest, it would work to record two tracks in your DAW (Mic & Loopback), but for multiple guests the aforementioned services would be easier.

Uncompressed such as WAV is always best, but MP3 is fine for voice.

Feel free to reach out to me if I can be of any more help.


I would be willing to help with descriptions! We love well-formatted, informative show notes

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