Which treesitter grammars end up on nvim-treesitter/generated.nix?

I was trying out Neorg with nixvim when I realized that the norg_meta grammar is not present on the generated.nix file.

So I was wondering how a grammar ends up there? I ask this wondering why norg_meta, a grammar present on nixpkgs, does not ended up on the aforementioned file.

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They are based on https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/15374db4f8faf1cd62dbb4d169516a1bed3a8bf3/pkgs/development/tools/parsing/tree-sitter/update.nix

That’s odd. The last update of vimPlugins.nvim-treesitter happend on 2024-01-03, while neorg-meta was added on 2023-11-26. Shouldn’t the latter have been added to the generated.nix file of vim then?

nvim-treesitter grammars are different than the treesitter grammar set. When I submitted the PR, nvim-treesitter didn’t support norg-meta grammar.

But what defines which grammars are supported? Manual intervention? The update.py script? I’m still no understanding how norg-grammar didn’t end up on generated.nix.