White Box / Bare Metal Switch with NixOS

We want to control our routing / switching infrastructure with a white box switch and a NixOS deployment including FRRouting (which we might upstream as alternative to quagga once it has stabilized a bit).

Did anybody already conduct experiments with deploying NixOS on white box switches and can report first or second hand experiences and caveats? (or knows of somebody to ping)

How would ONIE relate?

I recently heard about nixwrt at https://terse.telent.net/, sounds perhaps somewhat related?

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ONIE is likely only one piece in the chain that you have to figure out. It might even be optional initally as you can (usually) install NixOS in other ways on those boxes as well.

I would be more worried about the vendor blobs (for the ASIC) and the user space bindings that might or might not exist in source form. That likely depends on the exact hardware you want to procure.

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