Who is using nix profile and nix registry to deploy to production?

I am interested pooling and documenting the best practices for people who package software with nix flakes + use upstream nixpkgs deps, but deploy to supported non-nixos supported systems.

What are your build/test/deploy approaches? Pitfalls and workarounds?

I’ve got some examples I’ve put together and will share soon.

I feel like this is an area of potential growth for using nix.

I’d also love some suggestions for the best place(s) to document/update these practices/ add some examples for the nix community.

I did at a previous employer.

We had a registry hosted on GitHub that we would override in dev/testing contexts.

It controlled our default dev envs as well.

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Thanks @Growpotkin !

Anything interesting you might share on it?

Was there a particular target OS? Were there tools you used to do deployment?

I had some good success building postgresql from source, installing this way, and then configuring conventionally. Going to be sharing that soon + documentation.

I can share this now from my phone, I can explain more later at my box:

The fun repos are private so I’ll need to pull some other public repo examples and explain gaps.

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