Why do so many moderation actions lack justifications and evidence?

A significant portion of the moderation actions lack justification. Even worse, all of them lack associated evidence.

Shouldn’t the moderation actions be justified by the code of conduct? Or does the moderators have unchecked power over the official platforms?

Most of your questions are answered by GitHub - NixOS/moderation: The home of the moderation team

In order to protect the privacy of the individuals involved, justification behind moderation decisions is not published. We always tell the person in question in private why they got suspended. Other trusted community members may privately ask the moderators about a specific suspension.

The moderation team only started adding short justifications recently, following one of the rare constructive discussion on the topic. Back then I was strongly against providing specific receipts, and I’d still advice against doing that or even making it a policy. However as quoted above, there still is the policy that you may ask about more information on specific events.


How is that a privacy issue when all of that is happening in the public space? Can we at least document the evidence happened in public discourse?

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