Why does Gnome settings show Gnome 3.0 even though it's 3.30?

Right, I can reproduce on my system. Looks like we need to hardcode a path to gnome-desktop here, as otherwise gnome-control-center won’t find the exact version: Files · master · GNOME / Settings · GitLab

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Should we open an issue for this?

I’ve fixed this on master.


Though it seems backporting changes to stable for GNOME is being discussed a lot.
I recall @jtojnar saying that he doesn’t officially support GNOME on stable branches.


Yes it’s a good idea to open an issue on GitHub. Discourse isn’t an issue tracker.

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Yes, I just wasn’t sure if that was a real bug or something I missed. Thanks for the fix!

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Yeah. Personally, I do not really have use for stable branch so the extra work of maintaining second package set is not worth it for me. I will still point people to relevant issues or source code but for anything more involved, I will rather focus my time on the many issues we still have in unstable. Especially since I often lack free disk space to keep more than two NixOS generations at a time. :man_shrugging:


Right, it’s basically twice the work. I don’t use stable either, so I’m in line with that preference.

The main point of stable are security fixes. I don’t expect those so often in DEs, and usually not too severe. Bugfixes beyond security are “optional”.

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Just a little update since backports became relevant here, I know try to do ports in the 3.34 series for 20.03. Going forward, I would like to find ways we can use integration testing so this can be easier for us to do.