Why is `google-chrome` so slow suddenly (network)?

I am on unstable (wayland) and after a recent update my google-chrome started to load pages especially slow, there is no issue in firefox.
I tried to clean GPUCache with

find ~/.cache/google-chrome/ -type d -name GPUCache -exec rm -rf "{}" \;

which did not help so far.

I suspect something is wrong with DNS lookup or so, not sure.
Does anybody have some receipt how to investigate further.

Can I also load the 23.11 linux kernels, how?
with boot.kernelPackages = ????, which packages should I select here?

How can I reset my DNS cache or so in NixOs?

I guess you might do that like on any other Linux machine. It depends what your DNS resolver is. In my case that is dnsmasq. But for some people it might also be systemd-resolved. In case of dnsmasq you might just kill the process, I hope that would do it. For systemd-resolved there is an option to flush the cache.

I suspect something is wrong with DNS lookup or so, not sure.

Why do you suspect that?

Because some URLs are just taking too long to resolve. Page loading of my simple github profile takes 2-3 times as long as firefox.

Its really strange, I guess its not dns lookup and has something to do with Chrome or the kernel?….

Yes, that is really odd. But if it’s not in Firefox it might not be DNS after all. Does it affect other chromium-based browsers?

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No, actually only google-chrome, really weird…