Why is there no VNC server in the wiki?

On the wiki, I’ve found x2go and it does work, but I can’t seem to run the client non-interactively; meaning, I have to open the GUI and add stuff like hostname, etc

Why is there no simple VNC server, like x11vnc for :0 access?:wink:

I did find some obscure x11vnc config on Google, but it wasn’t really straight forward. I might have to start playing with that code if I find nothing simpler.

Anyone got a config to share?:wink:

My entire x11vnc «config» is a single line x11vnc -rfbauth ~/.vnc/passwd -forever -localhost with ~/.vnc/passwd created by vncpasswd ~/.vnc/passwd.

Right, but as a declarative configuration.nix;)

Erm, always considered this to be a user-owned thing inside a logged in user session… But you can put it in whatever «run a single command» wrapping you use for other things.

Yeah, I need the to attach to the display at :0 , so this is not in context to any user on the system.

By the way, do you need it to be attached to a system X session, or would Xvnc (from tightvnc or tigervnc) be enough?

I’m not sure I understand the difference;)

x11vnc is for communicating with a physical-screen-managing X server. Xvnc is an X server that has no support for output to hardware and can only be viewed via VNC.

I need to be able to see the Display Manager, which can be GDM or SDDM and then I would need to see the actual Window Manager which is loaded, which can be XMonad.

…on the physical screen, so I guess x11vnc, then;)

I guess something like the unit in https://nixos.wiki/wiki/Qt#qt5 is in order then, just with the x11vnc command instead of usbguard-applet